Hope for Navigating These Times

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There is so much to celebrate, even though it may not seem like it. We so badly need hope in this strange time… and I feel there is a lot of it. What I believe is happening is about our awakening as a human species, as has been prophesied. People have been giving away their power for so long, and that a part of our own vibration has created this onslaught of fear.

We can learn to take back our personal power, to stop allowing others to tell us what we should do… and to trust our own hearts and intuition. It’s our responsibility as individuals to shift our vibrations so that we stop subconsciously allowing ourselves to be controlled, as part of us thinks it’s easier to do that than to take back control of our lives in our own hands. Of course, many of us want to protect vulnerable people from the physical symptoms of this thing. It speaks to our deepest fears of death of ourselves and our loved ones. Yet, this is how we allow ourselves to be controlled, by this very deep fear of death.

But many of you here are the way-showers, we must lead the way with our light. We can also begin reprogramming our thinking with mantras like these:

“Love and only love may enter my energetic space. I am safe. I am free. I take my my own power. I am a sovereign being responsible for my own choices. I am strong and in control of my own life.” Now, this next part may be too much for some to hear.  I ask that you just stay open for a moment, suspending disbelief. The CV (as I am now calling this thing) I believe was created as a biological weapon to spread anxiety and fear. It feeds on fear. The fear being created around the CV, I believe, is actually more dangerous vibrationally than the virus itself, unlike what the skewed reports tell us in the news. When we meditate to clear our heavy emotions of fear and bring in light, we bring in love to clear out the fear. The timelines are shifting toward awakening but we must be aware of our personal vibration. The CV actually seems to be nothing worse than other viruses we are all familiar with (and our bodies actually build strength by fighting viruses with white blood cells). Still, many of us are doing our best, as compassionate people who want to protect vulnerable people who could be more susceptible by being cautious of spreading germs within reason. At the same time, we are being called upon now more than ever to help wake people up. We can do this by helping them open and raise their vibration through meditation, inviting in Divine light of the purest Christ consciousness of the I Am presence of God. I use these strong words, as I believe we need the highest vibration now to counteract what the controlling forces have done for thousands of years to create disease, warfare and other means of vibrational mind control as a means to keep us effectively imprisoned.

This video from Kryon gives channeled information about how this pandemic is actually a part of helping us in our global awakening into understanding the truth about what has been happening on our planet for thousands of years, and freeing ourselves from the bonds of control. And either way, meditating and asking our Divine guidance in some way to help us will not only help us shift this pandemic of fear, but will also keep us calm during the massive transition to a more simple, pure way of living, after the rocky period settles. I am so inspired by the people who trust me enough to continue working with me. There is such a wonderful group gathering of the Soulful Women in Business happening now, partly in-person, partly virtual! I am so inspired by these brave women sharing their light. The Tarot Class is also continuing to meet (possibly virtually for a while). Life marches on…and after the storm comes the sun.

This is the time for which we have been preparing! All of our spiritual tools, meditating, opening our hearts, aligning our thoughts, now is the time we need to summon them fully. Still, I’m sure that many of you are wondering just what the heck is going on. If you feel you need more support, please reach out.

I am now feeling generally calm about it, and I do this by deeply trusting in my Divine guidance and meditating as much as I can each day. Again, I highly recommend tapping in to your higher guidance and quieting the mind as much as you can in this time.

Join me every Sunday for a free Circle of Light online meditation from 7-7:20 pm EST, and every Sunday evening at the same time.

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