Dealing with our “Stuff”: Accessing Our Inner Child

I feel that all of the shadows, all of the pain, all of the suppressed emotions are coming to the surface right now. Collectively and individually. This is affecting us all at various ways, at varying levels. I personally am feeling it deeply now, when I hadn’t felt it as much before.

Like a volcano that is erupting from the top (rather than spewing out the sides), which is how many of us dealt with unwanted feelings before, all of our “stuff” is bursting out, front and center, to be dealt with. Now. This is our dark night of the soul. I can only hope that we emerge more healthy as we detox from all of the gunk that has been simmering beneath the surface… all overflowing. It can be easy to feel buried by it. But then again, many, many people are all experiencing varying levels of this. We are together. We are not all experiencing this equally, as many are suffering much more than others, but we are all being affected. And at this point, nothing would surprise me anymore (which is kind of liberating in a way).

I have spiritual tools that are helping me get through this, along with emotional support from other people, and I hope that anyone reading this is calling upon all of their supports as well. We need it so badly right now.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t make it through this, please know that you are not alone. We have spiritual guides, angels and soul teams that are with each one of us, and we can call upon their guidance and love anytime we choose. Other humans (like me and others) are here for you.

We will only heal our planet, and move on from this crisis, if we can unite and have compassion for others. People are looking for someone to blame, and looking for the “other” who seem like easy targets. I believe that those who are speaking up for their personal freedom have every right to do so. I applaud their bravery. I also applaud the health-care workers who are working so hard to help people who are sick. There is a balance to be had between preserving our livelihoods and wellbeing and keeping people safe and healthy.

Please remember that we are all being manipulated by the mainstream media. They want us to attack each other, as we are easier to control when we are divided. There is so much we are not being told about what’s really happening with this situation.

We all want people to heal, we all want to move on from this situation. No one really deep down (at least I certainly hope not) wants to hurt someone else.

We are all just doing what we think we need to do to make us feel better, to make us happy.

Even though it’s not always fun, this is a perfect time to go inward and deal, at long last, with our “stuff.” Often, when we are trying to move toward a new way of healing in our lives, there is subconscious “resistance” that can hold us back. We may have tried lots of things to feel better, but there’s something deep down that fights it. This is usually rooted in the protective ego of the inner child. I often will guide clients in guided imagery to make friends with their inner child, that little girl/boy part of us, and ask it wants for us, what it needs, and what it is willing to do to help us. We all have been wounded in some ways in our childhood, and these wounds can get buried deeply in our hearts and minds. Sometimes, they surface in bizarre ways in our life, unconsciously below our level of awareness. When we take the time to go inward (and using a modality like hypnotherapy/guided imagery is often one of the only ways to move past the resistance of the conscious mind), we can excavate what has been imprinted in ourselves, digging out the root of the issue. It’s amazing what will come up when we go deep into the subconscious and connect with the inner child…. sometimes they are scared, angry or very helpful. The ideas that can come up for action steps are what our hearts know are truly right for us. And the healing that can result from this work can be truly life-changing.

Join me this evening (Sunday) for the Circle of Light (free online) meditation in the Souls Gathering Together Facebook page (or you can access the meditation on Zoom by clicking, from 7-7:20 pm EDT, to connect with that inner child part of us. We will enlist her/his help for our expansion into the highest and best version of who we really are.  Heads up that this can be very emotional! I recommend ensuring that you have a safe space wherever you are to safely process afterward, allowing the feelings to be released.

On this website, you can access a free writing tool, called  The Hidden Stories, that can help to dig into where our deep-seated “stories” are coming from. Writing reflections like these can help pull out what is embedded deeply in our consciousness, often as beliefs about ourselves or the world that we picked up as children from experiences we had or things we heard (often from parents). I hope this may be service in your process of healing and expansion.

May we find a way to crawl out of this hole and emerge that much stronger for what we have been through, this human/Earth trauma.

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