Separating from the Heaviness

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I’m not going to lie. It’s challenging right now for many of us. With Mercury in retrograde, and a lot of other planets in retrograde, there is a very real “pulling back” energy.

Coupled with uncertainty, it can be unsettling as many of us shift away from the old systems of control and into the New Earth. When it comes with a change of career (often forced), it can be scary. Our sense of security can be threatened. But when we remember that at some level our souls chose this experience, and that our old jobs and lives were not really serving the Earth or our Higher Selves in the best way possible, we can begin to see what’s happening more clearly.

I have been spending time in my Akashic Records to get a higher level of understanding about what’s occurring in my own life. I have just finished the 2nd draft of my book (stay tuned for pre-orders coming soon!) and will be soon inviting those who want to fully step into sharing their soul gifts as a new career in becoming an Intuitive Guide through the upcoming Soulful Work Method program. But before this new energy flows, I have been allowing myself to pause, rest and watch what’s unfolding in the collective. I hope that you can do the same for whatever is occurring in your life.

As many of us are in in this state of uncertainty, our “worst-case scenario” fears can get triggered.

Here is what I recently wrote how to release heavy emotions in my upcoming book, Tools for the New Earth: A Guide for Awakening Times. Maybe this will be of service to you in this time:

Sometimes we cannot seem to get away from a constant stream of unwanted thoughts. They can come in like a cascade that flows, pauses and flows again. Some common thoughts may be around worry (What if I run out of money?), self-sabotage (I’m not ________ enough), anger (They’re so _________), defeatism/grief (I can’t _________), or simply just non-stop chatter (I should _______ and _________ and ________).

The average person has over 50,000 thoughts a day and more than 80% of them are negative. Even though it is difficult to stop all negative thoughts of the left brained, rational mind from coming in, we can begin to slow them down and create space for more gentle, kind thoughts from our intuitive, right-brained spirit to emerge.

In Buddhist meditation practice, there is an acronym called RAIN, which stands for Recognition, Acceptance, Investigation and Non-identification. Essentially, this helps us remember that we can become the observer of our emotions, rather than becoming attached and spinning around in ever-increasing circles with them.

When we pause in the midst of an undesired emotion/thought, come into quiet, we can bring awareness to the feeling and begin to separate from it. We notice that we are just experiencing this emotion and feel it in our body. By mentally labeling the feeling/thought and exploring it with breath, we can begin to de-identify with the feeling, developing an understanding that it is only a temporary experience. When we pause to notice the feelings, we may notice that they begin to lose power over us and eventually fade away.

This is a short meditative exercise, based on RAIN. You can do this in any moment when an unwanted feeling/thought pattern is taking over.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, relaxing your body as much as possible. Bring your attention to your breath. Notice your abdomen moving in and out with each breath, or the feeling of your breath moving in your nostrils, throat, lungs and back out again.

Locate where the unwanted persistent thought/feeling lies within your body (usually in the stomach/chest/heart/throat). See if you can label this feeling, (I feel ________ worry/anger/sadness/self-doubt/etc). Breathe into the feeling, as if you were tunneling into the center of it. Notice what it feels like (heavy/tight). Observe any other sensations/vibrations/colors associated with this feeling.

Breathe here for a while until you feel a shifting, or until the emotion begins to decrease in intensity. Return to your breath and visualize light, hope and peace in this area, replacing it with a desired feeling you seek.

The more you practice this exercise in moments of stress, the more you will train your mind and body to remember to do this automatically. Some people find it helpful to have reminders on their phone, or post-its around to help them create this new habit, RAIN, of identifying and releasing attachment to a negative emotion. Eventually, it will become second nature as a new habit sets in. It takes practice to re-wire our brains in this way. With consistency and simply reminding ourselves to this, we can release the negative emotions and allow them to wash over us much more easily.

And the angels can also help clear emotions! (You can learn how to work with the angels to lift up your spirits and your life…)

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