We Are One

Aliceat lake
The days we are living in are surreal. On the one hand, the days of summer are glorious and free out on the land and water of our beautiful Mother Earth. On the other, the world is changing rapidly before our eyes and it’s hard to plan ahead with so much uncertainty.

We are returning from vacation and now coping with the chaos around us by trying to ignore as much as possible. Coupled with health issues in my family, it has been a challenging time. As it is for many of us. Let’s not forget that we volunteered to be here. We signed up to help shift consciousness. How much will it take for humans to wake up? A lot. We have to see the shadows, the darkness and the control. Yet, focusing on it too much is not helpful either. Instead, remembering that we are more alike as a human race than different can help us move toward unity and healing consciousness. We are one, we are united, we are all in this collective trauma and this massive awakening together. The greatest gift we can give ourselves right now is to turn off the news, put our phones away, close our laptops and burn the newspaper. Go outside and feel the essence of nature. Hug someone. Smile. Remember that your body is innately strong and healthy. Those controlling the narrative spin lies, manipulate our emotions and try to pit us against each other. Love your neighbor, family member and friend. They may see the world differently than you, but can you still find common ground? Can you see their perspective for a moment? Some want us divided, some want us blaming certain segments of the population for what’s happening. This is not the answer. There is so much that many are not seeing that is happening beneath the surface. Open your third eye and the veil is lifted. Ultimately, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and empathy will lead us forward. Not finger-pointing, blaming, shaming, fear and anger. When we do our own inner work and heal our own shadows, we begin to shift the collective, as well as our own realities.

United, we are one. Divided, we fall.


In the midst of this all, many people are moving into starting their own spiritual businesses. In fact, this massive awakening is summoning many of us to step into our soul missions. I believe we are entering into an entirely new age of a spiritual economy. The old, limiting beliefs can surface. “How can I start a business with so much chaos going on? Will people actually pay me right now with so much uncertainty? What if I don’t make enough money/get clients/know enough?” All of these thoughts are just fears of the negative Ego self. Simply put, it’s time to throw all these beliefs out the window. You are needed to help. We are experiencing a collective trauma, and as I have been shown in the Akashic Records, people are going to be coming to people like you asking for help in their healing. You may be thinking… me? But what I can do to help? Keep in mind… You have done this before in other lifetimes. Many of us are remembering who we are. We are now being asked to fully uncover our soul gifts to help others badly in need of support. This might be in areas like energy healing, spiritual teaching, intuitive readings, mindful movement, children’s nature classes, homeschooling, herbal medicine, and more. I have seen many clients take bold steps into moving into these areas. If you’ve been feeling the pull to explore an area like this that you’ve always been curious about, chances are you will be asked to then share this gift with others. And there is one key element to remember when we start stepping out and shining our light as businesses. It’s all about your vibration! That combined with intuition, taking action, and clearing out Ego can lead to a successful spiritual business.

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