How to Thrive During Stressful Times

Dear friends,

We are experiencing a prolonged exhaustion, an extended state of trauma. How do we cope during the stress that is all around us?

Here are a few suggestions on how to cope:

1) Stop paying attention to the news. I recently decided to stop even reading the headlines since it was affecting me too much. The mere words are designed to create division, anger and fear. When we unplug we free our minds from the mental programming!

2) Go outside every day. Hug a tree, sit on the Earth, spend some time soaking up the sun on your face. When you look around at nature, the world seems like a pretty peaceful place. We remember that everything is actually okay.

3) Quiet your mind. It’s absolutely essential to do this nowadays. I recommend first thing in the morning, even if just for a few minutes. When we focus on our breath and let go of negative thoughts (of the Ego self), we can connect with our loving, inner voice (of our Higher Self). You may enjoy this 10-minute Processing Emotions meditation.

4) Develop a spiritual connection. Open your heart to receive light and healing from sources of higher guidance. Sometimes we need to “open the door” to this. Just ask and see what floats in. Maybe it’s a loving feeling, a heart-opening or a sense of peace. Ask your heart (the gateway to intuition) if it has a message for you. Sometimes it helps to ask a question like How can I cope right now? Or What can I do to feel better? This Divine connection is crucial to get us through this time.

5) Bring in joy. We need to have more FUN! Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Tools for the Awakening Soul: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose (in the final editing phases now – takes me a long time to do 300 pages of this!) on bringing in more joy:

As you move into a new flow of your soul purpose and expand your intuitive gifts, how can your soul express itself? Our souls  are in the highest vibrational state when they are in a state of joy and flow.

Many of us don’t engage in enough activities that bring us joy. We may avoid doing things that could benefit us because of subconscious fears. We may make excuses to avoid joyful adventures, such as I don’t have time, or I can’t do that. This is just the negative Ego talking! Try using different names for these activities to create less of a triggering, subconscious association. For instance, we could refer to painting as: moving colors around. Dancing becomes: moving my body. Writing is simply putting words down on paper. Tell yourself you’re just trying it out once. This can help reduce the pressure we put on ourselves! Try this new thing for today, and see how it goes. For just 10 minutes! You’ll probably enjoy the activity so much, and feel so uplifted, that you’ll want to do it again.

If you’re feeling like there’s something you’re supposed to be doing, and you want to be of service, there’s still 1 spot left in the Soulful Work Method Intuitive Guide Certification Program – starting next week!. Learn skills to become an intuitive coach, mindfulness teacher, Akashic Records Reader, how to build a website, market without feeling too “salesy” and how to clear any fear or doubt of you stepping into your soul mission!

As more and more people are struggling with how to cope in these topsy-turvy, chaotic, almost insane, times, they will need help. And who will help them? As I’ve said before, YOU can be one of the ones to gently support them in their healing, in their awakening, in connecting to Divine guidance as they grapple with the grief about how much we’ve been deceived and what we can do from here. You can teach them tools to manage the Ego mind and the heavy energy. We are here to carry light. It’s time to step up and volunteer in support of humanity!

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