Embrace the Lunar Energy … and the Shadows of Ego

Today is a blood moon eclipse, bathing us in such gentle, cleansing light. We got up early this morning to try to see the eclipse (our 7 year old daughter really wanted to), but alas, the moon had set below the horizon for us. In preparation for our waking up, I had a few dreams about the blood red eclipse, shining in varying colors of orange, white and gold in my mind. It was sharing its effects with us through the dream state.

The energy of today, and of this time in general, is all about shining light on shadows, pulling out what needs healing.

In client sessions today, I witnessed brave people doing powerful work (in offering them hypnotherapy, inner child guided imagery and another in an Akashic Records reading). There were lots of emotions felt, and releases happening. But the lunar energy is gentle… powerful, yet healing.

Truly, truly… I feel so blessed to be able to support you all like this. Being of service brings such light and joy to my soul.

This past weekend I went to a hypnotherapy conference (the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists) to present a workshop on developing intuition. It was a bit of a retreat for me, even though it was packed with workshops. I learned some new hypnosis techniques, childhood trauma approaches and some astrology/Kabbalah, along with some fascinating information about the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce, whose A.R.E. library was right down the street from our conference. I also got to meet, in person at long last, my hypnotherapy teacher and mentor, Linda Bennett, who was the keynote speaker. Honoring those who taught us is so important, and I feel such gratitude to the women who taught me so much and who helped show me techniques that I share in my Tools for the Awakening: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose book.

Now I am back in Maine immersed in homeschooling life and preparing to share the next iteration of the Intuitive Guide/Soulful Work Method Certificate program that will start in early 2023. I have made some exciting changes and can’t wait to dive in with a new group ready to share their light and learn how to make their gifts their livelihood/business! Stay tuned for details on that soon (and check out a little impromptu video I made if you like)!

In other news, I will be doing the Circle of Light virtual meditation on Zoom tomorrow (Wednesday) evening from 8-8:20 pm EST at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7170584468, even though it’s not scheduled, on Saying Yes to Your Soul Mission. Hope to see you all there!

sunset oceanExcerpt from Chapter 6: Unraveling the Negative Ego from the Tools for the Awakening: A Guide to Activate Your Intuition and Uncover Your Life’s Purpose book: “When the Ego dies, the soul awakes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Once we understand the Ego and its role, we can begin to move it into the back seat of our car. We do not want the Ego making decisions for us based on fear, worry or self-doubt. Much like disentangling a knot, we are unraveling the mess of thoughts, beliefs and associations formed by the negative Ego in our heads. When we clear away the Ego, we create the opportunity for our Higher Self to speak to us more clearly, and to guide us in our lives. This can bring about true transformation, healing and a deep sense of life fulfillment and purpose.

Start with Powerful Questions

The process of unraveling the Ego begins with picking it apart. By dissecting it, we dig to the root of the issue, rather than just cutting off the top of a weed. When we allow ourselves to go into dark places, we can begin to see what is within. Then, we can begin to release the Ego stories from our consciousness.

In examining our thoughts and beliefs, we may not initially see a direct connection to our childhood experiences. But almost always, our innermost perceptions began in childhood. Because of this, working with the Inner Child can further help us to separate from the situations that created these beliefs, as connected with other people. (The writing reflection The Hidden Stories, which we will look at in a moment, will help with this.)

Asking powerful questions can activate the Higher Self and begin to shift the negative Ego beliefs. Here are a few questions to hold in your mind as we get started.

Uncover the Effects of a Story or Belief

Once you recognize an unwanted pattern in your life, you can bet that there is a false story of the Ego lurking underneath. Imagine that a wise, inner guide is with you and helping you to reflect on the following questions:

  • What does this story/belief mean to you?
  • How does it feel to you now?
  • Where might this belief/pattern have come from? When did it originate? How did it begin to take hold?
  • What experiences have reinforced this belief?


Francis o fAssisiMeditation: Serenity Prayer With Saint Francis of Assisi

When we are asked to just sit back and wait for others to move through their personal pathways of growth, and to just accept where they are at, even if it feels uncomfortable and sad for us, we are pushed. We are stretched. Some of us Type A personality types like to take action to make things happen. And often, it works. But in these situations when it comes to the free will of other people, actions do not always work. It’s about vibration, energy, choice and soul contracts.

This meditation brings in the energy of a loving saint, a person of the light who once walked the Earth, St. Francis of Assisi (who unexpectedly showed up!), with the vibration of gentle creatures like birds, chipmunks and rabbits to help us feel unconditional love for others, even when at a distance, and for ourselves.

For support in learning soul lessons, allowing the free will and soul contracts of others to play out (invoking the Serenity Prayer – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change) and to allow light to flow to others and to ourselves,  reach out for support in an individual session (Akashic Records, intuitive life coaching, hypnotherapy, etc.)

Blessings and gratitude for being here.

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