It Is Safe For You To Heal

Cranio sacralpic

It’s starting to feel like autumn. With the rain we had yesterday in Maine, it was a quiet and peaceful day. The leaves are starting to change, the apples are being picked and pressed, and the beauty of fall is coming.

The other evening we gathered in the New Earth Collective to learn craniosacral touch from the gifted Alecia Lorance of Enchanted Woods Sanctuary.

Offering and receiving hands-on healing is such a powerful experience – energy flows through our hands from Divine Source.

(By the way, we will be connecting with one of the most powerful forms of healing I know of tomorrow evening, in a Mother Mary virtual activation ceremony!)

Being able to lie down and do nothing but rest and receive is surely one of the most transformative experiences and acts of self-love that one can undergo.

In the Akashic Records, I often find myself these days lying on a table with multi-dimensional beings (usually Pleiadians or Arcturians) offering healing to me, like psychic surgery, pulling out the toxic energy that doesn’t belong.

Of course this energy is also very linked to emotions we are subconsciously carrying. The energies we are receiving are very much asking us to take a moment and observe these emotions (as too many unprocessed negative emotions can actually lead to sickness/pain/dis-ease in our bodies).

But can we feel safe enough (from an Inner Child perspective of course) to do this?

Will we be able to function if we allow ourselves to “go there”?

It’s a process.

We move forward a little bit at a time.

Here’s more on how to clear these emotions in this excerpt from my book, Tools for the Awakening Soul:

Emotions have three energetic components to them. They are:
1) a thought or story behind the feeling;
2) a physical sensation (how the emotion feels in the body); and
3) your general mood (can be subtle or overt).

When experiencing an unwanted feeling, remind yourself that it’s temporary. This too shall pass.

Studies have pointed to a mind-body connection between illness and emotions. Learning to release emotions can help heal the body and align the mind. And as with emotions, persistent negative thoughts also can manifest as illness.

The following actions can help with physical illness: 1) positive visualization, 2) stress reduction through meditation, 3) addressing anxiety or depression with coping strategies and 4) removing negative thoughts, associations and beliefs.

A beautiful way to allow yourself to feel safe enough to rest, receive and clear heavy emotions carried in your body is through a supportive group doing the same.

If you find yourself with the book, but you haven’t picked it up yet, or you have started the book but find yourself skipping the writing exercises, there may be some subconscious fear.

If you have been curious about how to move through this book (which is really a journey toward expanding in your soul, moving through heavy emotions/stories/Ego thoughts with the support of Divine guidance), but you’re not sure that you will, the Into the Light book club class is here for you.

The class starts next week!

If you have been drawn to the class, there’s a reason.


Heidi and I are here for you, and the other awakening souls who are stepping into the journey are here for you too.

You can do it. One step at a time.

Move in outer concentric circles, little by little, always checking in with that protective part of you to ensure you are still safe.

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