Just Being (Like Trees)

turkeys trees

The other day on my morning walk in the woods, I was noticing the trees (and wild turkeys!) amongst the white snow. In the midst our our human chaos, and in the experience of living our lives interacting with other humans, we can get tired. We don’t understand why some behave in certain ways, and we are doing our best to understand ourselves and the accumulation of thoughts and beliefs that make us who we are. It can get exhausting.

I was listening to the water trickling in the stream and allowing the warmth of the sun to flood onto my face. I felt the presence of Quan Yin (yes, she’s been coming to me this week, maybe because I will be hosting a Quan Yin activation soon… maybe because her guidance is here for me in my life now).

When I paused, I realized how much nature has to teach us. The trees, the water, the rocks and the ground have no hidden motive for being. They don’t want anything from us – they don’t judge, they don’t shame, they don’t manipulate, they don’t harm. They just are.

Sometimes a tree falls down, and it’s fascinating how another tree will often hold up that tree. And that’s only what’s above the surface (they help each other immensely in their root systems, communicating and connecting).

How can we learn to be more like trees? To just be, without judgment, evaluation or expectation. Can we eventually approach other people in our lives like this?

This may be a long shot, but I believe it is part of where we are going in 5D consciousness.

I hope you are each finding time to pause, disconnect from the ups and downs and confusion around, and just find inner quiet…. in nature is a wonderful place to obtain that.

P.S. Are you wondering what’s going on with the weather? When I dug in and asked about the weird weather in the Akashic Records, I was shown that the Earth’s are poles shifting as part of her ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness. Yes, we do see evidence of geoengineering, but they want us to remember that Nothing Is More Powerful than the light… and the Earth’s vibration is very, very strong too.

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