How to Align Your Vibration to Love

Dear ones holding the vibration of the New Earth,

Here we are in 2023! Mercury is also in retrograde, and so the energy is shifting. In this case, it’s a good thing. There’s a pulling back of energy, and a deep encouragement I’m feeling to simply just align with flow. There are so many number sequences many of us are seeing (11:11, 12:34, 333, 444), along with dates (12/21/22 of the winter solstice for instance),  that are sending us messages and activations (I write more number sequences in my recent book). The numbers remind of our Divinity. I recently came across some information about the sacredness of the holy trinity of the number 369, to which our family (on Chris’s side) has a special connection. Nikola Tesla (the inventor of free energy, which would have transformed our society completely if it hadn’t been suppressed) asserted that the number 369 unlocks all of the secrets to the universe. Like the sacred geometry of numbers, the vibration of sound is also here to help us move into higher states of consciousness. Music at a high frequency will attune our vibration to the state of nature, which brings us into harmony with creation, with the I Am presence within us all.

As I was reflecting on what to focus on for the Circle of Light meditation this week, what came in was the phrase “vibrational alignment.” As we see the world around us tumble into chaos through the crumbling of the 3D world, and people descend into suffering as they cling to 3D, we can get sucked in if we’re not careful. Having compassion for them, meeting them where they’re at and loving them is going to help us all move into 5D consciousness. One of our biggest tasks for 2023 will be to keep our vibration aligned with our highest state of being. The Earth at her core has a frequency of 432 Hz, otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance. This is a vibration of peace, of oneness, of flow, of alignment. This frequency brings healing and pleasure. But did you also know that most music we listen to on the radio and really anywhere is actually tuned to 440 hZ. The good news is that the harmonic, Divine frequency of 432 hZ appears more and more in meditation music. What’s the difference between 440 and 432? Listen to these Ambient Sounds by Moby (some of my favorite meditation music) – here tuned to 432 hZ and here at what the original CD is – at 440hz. Notice how the 432 hZ is lower. The more we can stay attuned to the heartbeat of the Earth (and spending time in nature – hugging trees, lying on the Earth especially – helps us do that), the more we will be able to handle the fluctuations around us. We can be calm, like the eye in the storm. Yes, we still have our soul lessons to work on, but we will have a deeper understanding (with the help of Divine beings and guides) on how to move through these with grace.

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