A Magical Series of Events

Dear brave soul,

This past weekend I was at the National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) conference in Virginia Beach. I love these conferences since they are like a personal retreat for myself (right on the ocean).

But this one was particularly magical for a number of reasons.

I started off the conference by teaching a workshop on the Akashic Records, one of my favorite topics. I used to be terrified of public speaking, as I was shy as a child. But years of having to do it has made it much easier.

There’s always a bit of nerves in the beginning, but as I was telling someone after, since it’s a topic I’m quite comfortable with, I have confidence in what I’m saying, which helps.

Then, I jogged up the beach to the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment. Known as one of the most gifted psychics ever to live, Edgar Cayce has long been a source of inspiration for me.

When I arrived, I went inside and went straight up to the picture of Edgar Cayce, and then to the library, which was filled with only metaphysical books, but old books that felt filled with ancient, sacred wisdom. It was like being in a physical version of the Akashic Records.

Then I went to the meditation room, adorned with huge crystals. As soon as I sat down, I was immediately greeted by a lilting, animated male voice. I knew it was Edgar Cayce, although I couldn’t remember what his voice sounded like. He was talking about expanding consciousness, but I admit that’s all I can remember.

Then I went downstairs and passed by a bulletin board where people can leave their business cards. I figured I would put a few up. But then I saw that my business cards were already there!

I was so confused for a moment. I have never been to the A.R.E. but then I was thinking maybe I had.

I’m sure there’s a practical explanation for this (like some kind person who had my business card put it there for me), but in that moment it felt as if I had always been present with those who read the Akashic Records, and with Edgar Cayce. I took it as a beautiful sign that I belonged there.

I went and walked the labyrinth, and noticed the dolphins there. I had just seen what appeared to be dolphins swimming way out in the waves that morning… another beautiful synchronicity.

As I walked the labyrinth, I heard another message coming in. The more I walked, the clearer it got.

The message was about connecting with God… to be of service to the light of God (in those exact words).

I ate lunch and then walked back along the beach. I found a voice recording of Edgar Cayce when I got back to my room, and it was the same voice I had heard (in my mind) in the meditation room.

It’s hard to describe how it felt to be so connected to a man who I have long revered, who will always be a guide for me.

The last thing that happened was that I received an award at the dinner on my last night there.


While I was a good student in school and did well in sports, I also have always been a bit of a rebel, breaking the rules.

I have often felt like I’m just skating through, doing this spiritual work but by the seat of my pants, like an underground operation.

So receiving recognition in this way from an external source that I respect really means a lot.

While I have learned to receive praise from my spirit team, it’s not always as easy for me to truly “receive” praise from other humans.

This coming from my teachers and colleagues feels very special.

Getting acknowledged can really boost one’s confidence, like a nice pat on the back. And sometimes this just feels really good.

I am still processing this weekend to integrate this all into my daily life, but for now I just feel deeply humbled and blessed. It was such a magical experience, a gift from my Divine spirit team boosting me to carry on with my work, (like teaching a group of brave souls in the upcoming Soulful Work Method/Intuitive Guide Certificate Program to similarly share their light with others)!

I continue onward, but with a lightness in my step from these unexpected blessings.

And so it goes.

Wishing you blessings of the same,


P.S. Hope to see some of you at the upcoming Life Between Life Workshop in a few weeks! This is going to be a very powerful experience.

P.P.S. It has been a fascinating journey for me in sharing what I have to offer to be of service to others. Hope you’ll join me this evening, Wednesday November 14th for a meditation on Sharing Your Gifts here on Zoom from 7:30-8 pm EST around uncovering and then shining your soul light to help those in need around you.

Establishing a Spiritual Business with the Intuitive Guide Program

How Becoming an Intuitive Guide Led to a Nourishing Business


I had such a wonderful conversation the other night with a few lovely women who studied in the Intuitive Guide Certificate Program. with me. It was heart-warming for me to hear concerns they had before taking the class, and how they overcame fears about that.

A past student, Missy Ayotte of Wings of Change Healing had some really interesting insights into her experience with taking the Intuitive Guide program as an online class, building confidence and how much she enjoyed learning to do guided imagery/meditations and read the Akashic Records. She now offers shamanic healing and spiritual coaching in tandem with Akashic Records and Reiki offerings, in a thriving full-time business!

Here’s what Missy shared.

Her overall experience in the program: “This class really brought everything together for me . . . my personal growth just soared through the training. That was my favorite part – doing the homework and bringing my spiritual connection to another level. It was profound.”

Her concerns before taking the class: “I think the online part concerned me a little bit… I am really an in-person type of learner. But I loved the format and it really introduced me to doing online classes and being receptive to it. I had taken other classes with you so I was worried about repetitiveness…. But, it wasn’t. It just enhanced what I had learned already.”

Her favorite parts: “The guided imagery was my favorite part of it. I didn’t feel confident in guiding people in meditations. I was doing it, but I didn’t know I was doing it . . . it just built my confidence around doing that work. The Akashic Records piece was pretty profound for me… how easily I was able to connect after learning the steps. That I loved too… was being able to do Akashic Records readings.”

How the program helped her develop confidence to start a business: “It cleared my fears to be able to do the work we’re trained to help people to do. I felt like you challenged me to reach a little deeper each time . . . The homework allowed me to set goals that I needed to do to establish my business.”

It was wonderful to have Missy as a student and to watch her sharing her powerful gifts now is truly amazing.

Maybe you are curious about how this might work for you too…. if so, I invite you to explore this program.

Learn More about the Intuitive Guide Program – Early Bird Rate Until December 1st!

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