From Coping to Thriving in Intense Times

This past week, my family and I took a vacation from our normal lives on a road trip to visit family. Thirty of us gathered at my uncle’s homestead in western Virginia for Thanksgiving, the first time many of us had seen each other in years.

Hikes, cornhole, horseshoe, hot tubs, guitar singalongs, fireside tea and catching up with aunts, uncles and cousins, with the backdrop of rolling hills, horses, creeks and farmland made this a deeply nourishing trip.

Sometimes we need to just stop what we are doing and get away from it all. This can bring perspective and a newfound appreciation for the good in our lives.

And unplugging from social media is much needed for most of us. It can be tricky to do when that nagging little voice inside is fighting our deeper desire to just enjoy quiet and moments to reflect without engaging with the outer world….

It’s about renewing and resetting… unplugging and just being.

I was grateful to take this time for myself and to just be with loved ones.

After returning home, I had some time to reflect in the Akashic Records.

I asked the Masters in the Records about what I could share with you, as someone who reads these words for a reason, to support you in this time.

What came up was more of what you may already know, but that we often need to be reminded of: gratitude, Divine guidance and quieting the mind.

With gratitude, we focus on the good things that are around us. Gratitude shifts our mindset, and can change our thoughts from negative ones to more positive ones.

As the old saying goes, what we focus on grows. If we are immersed in the negative, we can subconsciously attract more negative things into our lives. But if we notice the positive, then more of those good things flow our way.

This is what it means to have a high vibration. And we are being continuously reminded to focus on our personal vibrations.

As we shift into higher states of consciousness as the Earth shifts into the frequency of love, we will be asked to do this more and more.

We will find that we have the ability to create our reality in magical ways.

In fact, this is what great teachers like Jesus were trying to teach us: “the Kingdom of God is within you.” To me, this means that we have the light of the Source within each one of us; we are creators.

To cope in the increasingly chaotic external 3D world around us that can bring us confusion, sorrow and frustration, we can surrender to Divine light (to the light of God/Creator/ Source). And when we allow that light to guide us more and more in our everyday lives, we will find that the content of our thoughts change to thoughts of gratitude, even in hard times, and that we will flow through life’s lessons that much more easily. We can then share that light with others who are suffering around us.

A recent client (who also was a student in the Intuitive Guide Certificate program) had a variety of interests that she wanted to share with others. But, for years, fear had stopped her. With some work together on clearing Ego doubts, and deepening her connection with higher guidance, she recently offered a workshop for the public on a few of her passions. She was nervous at first, but afterward she felt a sense of flow and confidence, and even joy, after stepping out of her comfort zone and taking this very big step. She is already planning more workshops like this, which is so very cool!

Tapping into our higher powers will guide us in powerful ways. To be open to the support there for us, we must create stillness (such as in meditation): prayer is asking and meditation is listening. When we quiet our minds, we find a place of acceptance for our human selves, noticing our emotions and just being in stillness.

In the meantime, may we remember that we are doing the best we can as humans, flowing through life with all its interesting lessons and experiences.

In the spirit of stillness and curiosity,


P.S. It is my deep honor to teach many of these concepts of Divine laws and connection to those who also want to teach others how to live in this flow in their lives. I am excited to embark upon a new adventure with 10 brave souls this coming January 2024 in the Intuitive Guide Certificate program. You can learn more about what this experience was like from Elizabeth Lowder, a past student, who shares her experience in the video below.

Elizabeth Lowder: Healing Herself and Others from Trauma

Doing inner work to learn about ourselves, heal old stuff and clear fear can powerfully allow us to support others in doing the same.

This past student, Elizabeth Lowder, moved through 10 months of learning and growth with me and a small group of others in the Soulful Work Method Intuitive Guide Certificate program. Beginning January 25, 2024. Remove inner blocks to sharing your gifts in the Intuitive Guide Certificate Program (the Soulful Work Method) She has made some powerful changes in her life, for her own healing, and is already starting to see clients in her new business, Wild Grace Wellness (contact Elizabeth at for details).

Here’s what she shares about her experience in the program:

Moving past hesitation: “When I started this class, there was no hesitation. I read about it, and I’m like, oh this is perfect. It goes into spirituality, and the Akashic Records. The only hesitation was the Ego work. I thought, I’ve done all that. I’ve been doing this for years. But when we were going through it in class, I really gained a lot of traction by doing that work. It really turned the dial for me. The whole thing has just been very beneficial for me. You’ve been very encouraging.

The online group experience and changing old beliefs: “With it being online, you wonder, how accessible or responsive are you going to be? You’ve been very, very accessible and responsive. We had a very cohesive group. What really helped my confidence level was when we were put into small groups. One person and I decided we’re just going to commit to doing these trades – coaching sessions with one another once a week. You can become aware of your subconscious beliefs, and that’s one thing. To really change them, you have to take action. If there’s some fear around doing this work, the more you do it, the more your subconscious beliefs change, by taking that action. That was huge for me. It really started to help move past that fear. I noticed that with my partner as well.”

Doing healing work for ourselves and others: “I’m really drawn to this [work]. The more I learn, the more I want to share. It’s working with that life force energy, when you do something that excites you that’s nourishing… it’s really exciting. I really enjoy doing this… I was physically really sick when I started on this healing journey. I had long, undiagnosed, auto-immune, systemic things going on. That’s what got me going down this path of physical healing. I’ve been going to healers and doing the shamanic work. But I was like, I want to do this for myself, I don’t want to have to keep going to healers. I really wanted to empower myself. Which is what I’ve done – gaining all these tools to help myself. And that’s how I want to empower others. Part of my work is going to be healing work – holding healing, sacred space for people who’ve had past trauma and grief, things that I’m familiar with and grappled with, as well as the spiritual development and personal empowerment… It’s what worked for me, that’s really what’s motivating this.”

– Elizabeth Lowder, North Carolina

Due to a few requests, the Early Bird rate for this program is now extended to December 15th!

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