The Karmic Consequences of Fear (and Personal Responsibility)


With spring in full form, we are continuing to move into higher states of consciousness with each passing moment.

Today I travel to Arizona to learn life-between-life regression in an intensive weeklong training. This is a modality of hypnotherapy to access the realm of Spirit, to meet spirit guides, loved ones and to learn about our soul group. We can also connect with the Council of Elders (from the Akashic Records) and receive deep, soul-level guidance. It’s absolutely fascinating and I am so excited to dive in deeper.

During a recent life-between-life session I received myself, I tapped into my Higher Self and asked questions about the past few years during the pandemic.

The messages I received were helpful for me as I reflected on my own feelings and actions during the past few years of doing my best to alert people about what was being attempted, and what is still going on behind the scenes.

But, I, and many others, couldn’t stop the darkness from being seen.. since it had to be seen.

The shadows had to emerge for people to awaken.

In the LBL session, I was confronted with the lesson of developing compassion and empathy for what it felt like for those who were in fear of getting sick or of death even when I wasn’t… I had to learn to stand in their shoes.

I had to learn how to be loving and kind yet also speak truth with conviction, and that it is possible to do both. I had to learn how to speak from the heart, rather than from anger, about what I saw humans doing to other humans out of fear.

It’s not my job to usher in anyone’s awakening sooner than they are ready for. But it is my job to support them when they are ready.

And for that, I am so grateful to be of service. This has been a powerful soul growth experience for me.

And then, during a meditative experience the other day, I received what I can best call a download of information about the past three years.

Here is what came to me:

In the past few years, humans chose to experience consequences of fear. They chose the experience of a rude awakening.

As a collective mass of souls, they knew they had to learn to take responsibility for their actions. This was a free will experience.

I’m going to do my best to interpret this, as I didn’t totally understand it myself.

It seems like what they (guides/Ascended Masters, I believe) were trying to convey to me that this situation was pre-determined by these souls as a way to have a jolted, rapid soul learning.

This had a lot to do with personal responsibility and learning about what happens when you allow others to think for you, rather than to think for yourself.

As many souls choose to exit their bodies and transition to Spirit, these are pre-determined consequences that their souls chose at a higher level as part of their learning experience. This is still true even if it was their free will choice to partake in a medical intervention that harmed them at some level.

It is a very difficult and painful experience to realize the level of deceit coming from those we thought we could trust. And for some, they are not ready to acknowledge that. It feels scary, dark and unsafe. And it’s okay if they’re not ready for that. Their higher selves have a plan.

This is how soul growth and incarnations work at a higher level. It certainly helps me feel better, that as heartbreaking as it is to witness so much suffering, that there is a larger plan at play and that all of the souls involved willingly chose their experiences.

We awaken as a human race and our third eyes open when we reclaim sovereignty over our self-determination as a free species, when we are no longer under the illusion of control and mind manipulation. For we are only able to be controlled when we believe we can be controlled.

But first, we have to see that we are being controlled to wake up out of the hypnosis of mind control.

Thankfully, it’s our destiny as humans to awaken, one by one, at our own rates.

In my own spiritual awakening, I came to understand that I had been living under a cloud of disconnection from truth, from Source (God) and from my true self.

We are all going through this shared experience of learning how to reconnect, even though we do this at different rate.

Eventually, I believe that we will reach collective understanding of each other, from the perspective of our Higher Selves, with compassion and acceptance of where another is at in their soul growth.

This can be difficult when our Egos have been bruised and when we feel we have been misunderstood and mistreated by others.

The answer, for me, has been to look within, for higher guidance to show me the way. We have so many guides and angels and Divine beings who can help us.

I would like to offer you a powerful experience to connect with inner guidance for a roadmap of how to proceed from here. Getting away for a weekend is one of the best ways to reconnect with our inner wisdom to guide us at every stop along the path. Join us at the Connecting with Spirit retreat in May for a deep dive, immersive experience with Source and the expressions of that pure love.

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