The Discomfort of Soul Expansion

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Many of us feel like we are itching in our skin due to the intense energies swirling around us. It’s been like this for a while, though, hasn’t it?

These energies are pushing us to expand. But that push can feel unsettling. “I just want to close my eyes and go back to what is easy and familiar,” we may think. “Give me the blue pill, not the red!”

Ah, but this not what our Higher Selves had in store for us when we planned to incarnate on Earth.

I am just returning from a week in Arizona where I was connecting deeply with those plans – learning life-between-life regression, a hypnotherapy technique to enter the spirit realm and access information held there.

It’s hard to put into words how powerful this was for me, and how I’m integrating it all.

I experienced my own life-between-life regression in the training. I connected with my first life of Earth (a cavewoman taught how to farm and find food by extra-terrestials), learned my immortal soul name (and that of my soulmate – my husband of course), but also the names of a few more spirit guides, including a teacher who guides me to learn about the topography and mapping of Earth, an activity I am engaged in while in spirit (we keep a certain percentage of our soul energy in the spirit world while incarnated in a human body).

I saw more of the Council of Elders in the Akashic Records and learned more from them, including  what planet my soul is originally from, why I came to Earth (searching for water), and more on my mission on Earth.

I viewed my “next life body” and why I chose my parents (and why they chose me) in the life selection room. I felt the emotions of a painful experience at 12 months of age that I had no conscious memory of but was able to release and heal. I remembered being in the womb and intuited what was happening around me, including my mother and others around here were feeling. I connected with a new past life with my husband and children (including my name there and the date, which was 1887 in Boston).

There was so much, and I’m still processing it all.

During this time, I was away from my children and husband and stayed in a little condo by myself. (Thankfully, I visited with my sister and niece and nephew, including a fabulous hike with my little adventurous niece)!

Being in Arizona was a much-needed retreat and solo time, even while I was immersed in another dimensional space.

I was able to unplug from my daily life across the country, and then enter through study and hypnosis into the world of eternal souls and wisdom about the human experience.

Learning about what we can’t see with our eyes, who we are as infinite beings and why we chose to come here to the challenging Earth school, helps us understand ourselves in the world better.

It puts things into perspective. We receive comfort knowing we’re not alone in what seems to be a chaotic 3D world crumbling around us.

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We feel a sense of order and purpose, knowing there’s a higher, Divine plan to the madness.


When we access the higher realms into different dimensional spaces, we get a birds-eye view of our lives.

We remember that we are actors in the play of life on Earth and it’s all temporary.

As we fulfill our missions, we are just here to learn and to become the best versions of ourselves.

If you’re wanting to experience life-between-life regression for yourself, I will soon offer these sessions to the general public. This regression will include an inner child, past life and spirit realm regression with incredible information about soul groups, soul guidance with the Council of Elders in the Akashic Records,  soul mission, spirit realm activities (studies, soulmates, off-planet travel) and life selection that cannot be accessed easily in any other way.

In the meantime, remember to be forgiving of yourself and others.

Some are having a hard time understanding what is happening. And when we don’t understand, when we itch out of discomfort, we can look to the external source of our malaise, and lash out at those closest to us. We are witnessing this occurring among many humans right now, as they enter the varying stages of awakening (remember these stages are like those of griefdenial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance).

Some who are not as spiritually connected are becoming quite mentally unhinged. This can feel like a scary, apocalyptic time for them!

Let’s have compassion and patience for them, as we hold them in light.

Go outside as much as you can – the energy of the Earth grounds us and brings us into the healing reality of the planet. Continue to remove your attention from the confusing, nonsensical 3D world. Rise up above in your consciousness to connect with your Higher Self in meditation.

And if life-between-life regression is not your cup of tea, you can still access the spirit realm at the Connecting with Spirit retreat in May for a deep dive, immersive experience with Source and the expressions of that pure love. With a group of like-minded, awakening souls holding light with you, you will find that your ability to intuitively access guidance is amplified.

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