What To Do With Our Anger


Dear brave souls,

We continue to move through a time when all of our patterns are surfacing to be cleared. Our Higher Selves are guiding us into these patterns so we can break them once and for all.

If you find yourself in a situation that seems familiar, you then have a choice to ask yourself: Am I going to respond to this situation in the same way I always do, or am I going to make a different choice this time?

We are given endless opportunities in life to break a pattern. So instead of thinking, Why does this keep happening to me?, another perspective (and yes, it’s as simple as just a new perspective), try asking yourself: What can I learn from this experience?

Tapping into higher guidance can lead us forward.

Ask for help. And it shall come.

And, with all of these life-lessons and pattern-breaking, emotions come up to be healed.

I’m going to share something with you that I’m probably not “supposed” to talk about. It’s an emotion that is like a dirty word in the spiritual world. Heck, it’s a dirty word in most of the world.

And that’s anger.

When we think of someone who is angry, we think of someone who is out of control, who we need to be afraid of… to protect ourselves from. It’s someone we may worry is not safe.

But that is often uncontrolled anger. What I’m talking about is simmering anger.

In the past few years, many of us have experienced these sorts of emotions ranging from outright, inner rage to a mild, general irritation.

The thing is, for me personally as a woman, I haven’t felt like I could express that inner anger in a way that would make others around me feel safe. It would make them uncomfortable.

You’ll notice I’m not saying “my anger” since I really don’t want to permanently identify with it… I know it’s a temporary emotion. And often beneath anger is sadness.

I’m going to share more soon about my personal experience moving through layers of anger, and then sadness, especially as I reflect on the past few years of heart-wrenching witnessing to the most massive mind control operation in my lifetime.

At any rate, for us all, how do we move on from anger and sadness? All of these emotions can lead to overwhelm, lashing out at others, internalizing or a sense of paralysis.

Thankfully there are ways to cope.

Since we are building our new reality as a human collective without any cohesive leadership, we are left to manage this on our own, supporting each other as soul friends (like here in the New Earth Collective or in a retreat like this new Soul Exploration Fall Retreat I just posted for this October) Yet, the real healing and the real answers come from going within, looking at our patterns, at the parts that are just stories created by social conditioning and trauma and that aren’t helping us anymore. This is difficult to do, and most people just don’t do it.

We are being asked to go deep within to heal.

No one else is going to save us or do the work for us.

As for me and the anger, I have managed it in various way. I have written about it, talked about it, and I have been known to scream in the middle of the woods at times. I also exercise regularly, which helps a lot. I go into my Akashic Records to understand where they are coming from, at the source in past lives and in childhood.

I am also learning to accept the anger and the sadness, and to let them be. They have information for me, and that information is valuable. Eventually, as I listen to these feelings, they start to fade away, as their services are no longer required.

The meditation below with the Hindu goddess Kali, who can help us release anger, is similar to ones I do regularly on my own, which I find helpful to identify what’s there. Then, taking time to process and understand the emotion can be powerful as well. (There’s a whole chapter on Energy and Emotions in my Tools for the Awakening Soul book with some writing tools to help).

Still, the best way to move through and on from these emotions is to tap into your own intuition to guide you. Through meditation comes answers.

Prayer is asking… meditation is listening.

In the meantime, give yourself permission to FEEL. Allow the emotions to be expressed. You don’t have to let everyone know what’s going on, but a few trusted people can be there to support you. You are safe. You can do it.

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