How Angels Shift Energy In Our Daily Lives

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In the midst of summer (finally!), the energy recently has been heavy. It’s as if lots of old patterns are coming up to be cleared.

I did a reading for a client this evening and this message came up in the Records, which I think is appropriate for us all to hear: In order to integrate all the light that we are being flooded with, we have to allow the dense energies (in the form of old beliefs or traumas) in our bodies to surface so they can be transmuted and cleared, making space for all the light. Whew! That’s powerful. And amazing. And true.

This clearing work has been going on for a while for most of us. These past few years in particular have been some of the most challenging of our lifetimes. It is kind of shocking to think about what happened, like a bad nightmare. Did it really happen? What the #$%@ was it all about?

While I have some thoughts about what happened (and why – it’s about our massive collective awakening), this email is not really about that. Our multiple varying perspectives on the pandemic situation sadly have created deep divides making it difficult to talk about (and yes, the media and the “ones who think they control things” did that intentionally, in my view).

But, we are left to pick up the pieces.

I leaned upon my spiritual guidance heavily to get me through the shock of what occurred, and how people were treating others. I never could have imagined.

Yet, I know that the darkness had to show itself for what it is for people to awaken. And many, many people have experienced a spiritual awakening in the past few years, and still are. This is when we see through the illusions of the 3D world and into the truth of who we are as multi-dimensional beings, and the nature of reality. It’s not something that can be explained to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. There’s nothing wrong with you if you haven’t  – it’s probably not in your soul plan at this time if not. And… it doesn’t mean that someone who has had an awakening is “better” than someone who hasn’t.

It was challenging for me to navigate relationships in my life with my own awakening and the events of the past few years. But with the help of meditation and my Divine support team (angels, Ascended Masters, spirit guides, Mother Earth) I moved through my own triggers and became aware of past life patterns I was breaking (I picked up on many new past lives in my Akashic Records ).

One of the things I had to do was ask for guidance in how to proceed.

I understood what was happening (to a certain extent) but I wasn’t quite sure how to act in my daily life around those who were not in the same version of reality that I was.

The Akashic Records gave me the guidance, the understanding and the truth about why, but I needed some help for energy to shift in my life. That’s when I called upon the angels.

As many of you know, angels played a large role in my opening my third eye in the first place. When I first started this business in 2015, I wanted to expand my intuitive abilities. I took an angel class and I felt like I didn’t belong there. Everyone else was having these amazing experiences with their angels except for me. But I followed the teachings and kept asking for their help (specifically Archangel Michael, who helped me clear fear from childhood and from past lives about being safe to go into this realm). And one night I had an incredibly powerful experience with what I believe was contact with Archangel Michael. (I write more about this in my book, Tools for the Awakening Soul).

I knew something was happening. Situations in my life kept shifting, allowing my prayers to be answered. Since then, I have seen this happen with countless clients, when they learn how to ask.

Learning how to connect with angels can be life-changing. So over these past few years, I asked my angels to help me navigate relationships and situations with others in my life.

I closed my eyes, focused my intention, imagined light flowing through my body, and then information started flowing it. It can take time (and training) to pick up on the information they send us. (It took me months to really feel I was actually connecting with angels! I had to clear away lots of stuff for my channels to open.)

One of the pieces of advice they gave me was to be patient, to give certain people space and to not try to change them in any way. I had thought I was “helping” them by sharing ideas and thoughts, but my angels shared with me that these people were not receiving this well. I needed to just allow them to grow at their own pace, to step back and to just wait.

It was difficult for me to do this, as I felt I needed to “do” something to change a situation I didn’t like. This was one of my biggest lessons in life – patience! (And I actually just pulled an Archangel oracle card yesterday reminding me of this.)

But now, a few years later, after following their guidance, these relationships have healed and blossomed. I am kind of in awe, actually.

And this is how angels work. They help shift energy for us, and support us in our own inner growth so we can move forward in ways that we seek.

You have an opportunity to learn how to do all this with a How to Communicate with Angels class I’m offering. This is a LIVE class that starts September 25th, meeting for 6 classes. You’ll learn how to clear away doubt/fear and what’s blocking you from intuitive connection. You’ll learn about different archangels and how they can help with specific areas of your life. And you’ll learn how to connect with and receive information from them (even to do an angel reading for a friend or a client)!

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