Self-Inquiry in this Lifetime

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Dear brave souls,

During these summer months, with lots of activity in the external world (which is beautiful and wonderful yet it’s all about balance), it can be challenging to find time alone for ourselves, internally. And as empaths, we really need that time to recharge and call back our own energy, to connect back in with ourselves.

I spend a lot of time inquiring into my own mind, curious about the nature of what goes on in there (and I enjoy supporting clients in doing this as well). I have come to rather enjoy opportunities to just have alone time to explore the recesses of my subconscious, superconscious and even conscious mind.

Many of us are being called to do this… to start understanding more about who we are… as expressions of Source energy… as components of light, of what we call God.

This directly relates to the theme that I write and talk about over and over: our collective awakening as a human race.

Sometimes our eyes glaze over when people hear this. What does that even mean? And is it really happening? I don’t feel it!

These activation energies around the planet and swirling through us as humans are subtle. They have been building for years. Think about where you were 10 years ago and what you were interested in. Chances are it wasn’t nearly as spiritual as it is now.

That’s part of the shifting… people are wondering what it means to have a soul, who they have been in past lives, what their innate gifts are in their current bodies and how to be of service on Earth. We are asking deeper questions that our loved ones who came before us often didn’t. In the 1900s and early 2000s, life was just about getting by for many. Working, surviving, and numbing the pain of an existence that lacked meaning with alcohol or other substances.

We are making different choices and seeing through the illusions of the matrix. We are freeing ourselves. We are learning how to love ourselves unconditionally and therefore the collective.

When we look at how far we have come in our own lives, and as a human race, we see the shifting.

So keep going. It can be hard at times…. really hard. Just keep remembering that the light is shining on the shadows, the darkness within ourselves, the stories, the deeply-entrenched patterns. And this can be exceedingly uncomfortable as we have not been taught how to deal with these unwanted aspects of ourselves. We have been able to pretend they weren’t there for a long time.

No more.

We must confront these parts so we can move forward. It’s the only way.

I’m blessed and honored to be able to support people in doing this work in my life, and I love doing it.

I often write about what I experience and what works for me… which I then share with clients. There can be a lot of fear when it comes to digging deep in our lives. Little by little… step by step…. one day at a time. It adds up over time.

We wouldn’t alive in this time if we weren’t up for the task. With each bold choice we make, even just to keep going through each day, we are already doing the work.

So be gentle with yourself and honor all that you are and all that you’ve done thus far. And then keep going.

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