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The New Earth Collective

We as a human race are shifting into higher states of consciousness as the Earth ascends into the 5D frequency.

This has been predicted for thousands of years – that there would be an age when humans begin to remember who they are.

We are activating our dormant third eye and our intuitive gifts.

We are learning about our true origins in the stars. We are seeing through the illusions of the programming we have been presented with in our modern society.

In this process of awakening, we find that our realities are changing. Our relationships, our jobs, our living situations, our perspectives, our priorities and how we spend our time.

This is an exciting experience, yet also a painful one as we let go of the worlds that we once knew as we create a new one.

We are being called to imagine a new way of being, the way of the New Earth. 

What does this mean and how do we create something for which we have no context? It’s like walking blind on a path. 

We know that we are not alone and that many, many others here on Earth are awakening to truth just as we are. 

We begin to move out of the old, broken 3rd dimensional world of conflict, competition and consumerism to the new, expansive 5th dimensional reality of love, healing, unity and a deep connection with the Earth and all sentient beings.

We are breaking patterns that have accumulated over all of our past lives and through hundreds of years in our ancestral bloodlines.

This evolutionary shift in consciousness process is intense.

We see that a majority of the population is not ready to move into these higher states of consciousness. Some have been pulled back into the 3D matrix of fear, control and manipulation.

Others simply just have more inner work to do. And when they see what we’re doing.. what we’re trying to create, they get scared.

We are going in another direction. The timelines are splitting. The bifurcation is happening. In our expansion to 5D living, we want to bring as many people there with us (when their souls are ready).


This is what our souls are calling us to do – to ascend into the energies that are here for us.

As we let go of what was comfortable and familiar, we go through a grieving process. We weep for the relationships that have changed, for the distance created between our loved ones and friends.

When we come together as souls moving toward the light, we are emboldened. We know we are not alone. We feel the support of our soul family of light-workers here helping to shift consciousness with us.

And we are remembering how to deeply connect with the Earth, just as our ancestors did. We are returning to ancient forms of medicine, to holistic ways of living, to clean, real food and herbs and spiritual practices that get to the root of our beings and the core of our wounds.

This is how we create the New Earth … collectively. We are supporting, teaching, showing and lighting the way with every small step we take within ourselves, our families, our communities and within the collective as a whole.


The New Earth is under construction.
This is a co-collaboration process.

We are here to anchor in the light. We have chosen to be here now during this specific time in history for a reason. We are here to forge a more balanced relationship with ourselves, the Earth and each other. We are here to bring the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine into balance.

We do this more powerfully when we do this together.

This hasn’t been done before. It hasn’t been written. We are co-creating this reality together. There are a few possible templates that exist in the ether (in the Akashic Records which contains all future potentials), but we are bringing our energy into which future timeline will be what occurs on Earth.

This process of co-creation is our own Higher Selves, with the support of Divine forces (our spiritual guides), as the foundational map combined with our conscious, human selves adding the creative flourishes, bringing that map to life with all its details and intricacies. We can change this map with our free will choices, but the energies are already flowing in a certain direction.

Earth is ascending into 5D. So let’s say “yes” to stepping into our soul mission of helping bring as many humans as possible into the 5D way of living, which is just going to feel better and be more aligned in every way with love.

This is a step-by-step, hands in the dirt, sleeves rolled up, all coming together with our collective hearts to create a new frequency and way of being.

We come together to learn, connect, grow and open our hearts to the activation energies of the 5th dimension that are here for us.

And this virtual community, the New Earth Collective, is a vessel that will help us fulfill our collective soul missions together.

The New Earth Collective is not your typical membership where you pay a certain amount each month and “get” a certain amount of features or benefits or things that you check off your list. This is a community where you find your soul family, your tribe of light-workers.

The pink in the New Earth Collective logo represents the unique light, sparks and gifts that we each bring to this new reality. The green is for the Earth and the healing, gentle nature energy that she brings to us each. The hands and leaves are for the seeds we are planting in ourselves that will blossom into full, flowering plants when we shine our light fully.

Together, we collectively share our experiences in a space with others who understand and are doing the same sacred soul work.

Here’s how we cultivate all of this:

We explore topics ranging from past lives, multi-dimensional beings and energy healing to plant foraging, intuitive painting and wilderness survival skills.

In each online gathering, there are always new people. We trust that the right people are guided to the space. After a short guided centering meditation, we introduce ourselves and chat. Then, we often listen to a guest presenter, do an activity together, and then share and discuss at the end.

To deepen our learning, there are additional resources (books, videos, meditations, websites, writing reflections and handouts) available as supplements to each month’s new topic on an online platform.

This is a community designed to connect us virtually at first. In this modern world, virtual is often how we start to find our lightworker friends, and then we deepen the connection in-person.

Together, we explore how to: