Inner Child Regressions

“I can think of nothing more powerful and life-changing than discovering more about the blocks and pains within us, and understanding them so we may move beyond them. And Rachel Horton White has a way within her where this stuff kinda “comes out” while you are working with her, all while you feel very safe and respected. She allows you to lead, offering support and guidance when needed. She holds space in a very strong way, really invested in your health and happiness. It ends up being a life-changing process, and as you walk back into your life, you realize your whole life and how you view it has changed, and with it, your future.”
Chris Lombard
“This session is a therapeutic ride through the quantum field where you get to gather up all the lost parts (and memories - some good, some bad) of yourself and finally feel like you can keep them all in line rather than reacting to trigger points you weren’t even aware of. This work gives you a depth of perception that allows you to see a much bigger picture of where you’ve come from that helps you see so much more clearly where you’re going. You get to begin anew!”
Heidi Symonds
Nourish Yourself For Life

Healing with the Inner Child

Childhood Regression

When we are doing healing work in our lives, something deep within may block us. We all have been wounded in some way in our childhood, and these wounds can get buried deeply in our hearts and minds. Held in the subconscious mind, parts of ourselves can surface in strange ways out of an innate desire to keep us safe. One of these parts is known as the Inner Child. 

If we take the time to go inward (and a modality like hypnotherapy/guided imagery is often one of the only ways to move past the resistance of the conscious mind), we can excavate what has been imprinted within ourselves, digging out the root of the issue. As the core of our protective Ego, the Inner Child is the little girl/boy part of us. The Inner Child is an archetypal part of our personalities that is child-like, playful and innocent. That child likely did not get his/her needs met due to painful experiences in childhood, often caused by adults in the child’s life.

If the Inner Child is not on board with our soul expansion, we may find that no matter our efforts, resistance can come up again and again.

It’s amazing what can arise when we connect with our subconscious and with the Inner Child. We may be surprised at what we find and shocked by how we suddenly feel we can take steps forward in our lives.

I am happy to now be offering an expanded modality to connect with and heal various parts of the fragmented parts of the Inner Child energetically in a 120-minute childhood chakra regression.

You can choose to do this powerful inner work through one 2-hour session, or through several months of work together in a 3-Month Soul Growth Package, This option includes work with hypnotherapy, past lives, the protective Ego and in the Akashic Records for lasting change at a subconscious level.

In this two-hour inner child session, we have a conversation to learn about your childhood history and your current life experiences (including repeating patterns that you are seeking to break) before diving into the regression hypnotherapy portion. During the regression, with the help of Divine light and spirit guides, we retrieve memories (possibly including those from in-utero and infancy) and connect with the Inner Child within to learn about how s/he was feeling.

You are guided to access the source of the issue you are experiencing through a memory stored in the subconscious mind. With questions I ask you, you respond verbally aloud. As we invoke the assistance of your Higher Self, spirit guides or other loving beings, this often involves emotional release and deep healing.

We move through varying ages in your life in this way, giving the Inner Child a voice and allowing her to express herself in ways she may have never felt safe to do. The fragmented parts of your inner being that were lost during this time are energetically retrieved by balancing your chakras and healing is integrated by allowing your Adult Self and your Higher Self to comfort the Inner Child.

Throughout the regression, you will have the opportunity for closure and lasting peace by receiving loving messages from higher guidance (spirit guides, angels or Ascended Masters). The sense of wholeness and peace that can come from this Divine re-connection, and from a remembrance of your oneness with Source, can be profound.

Healing with the Inner Child is one of the most powerful, and overlooked, ways to move forward toward healing and intuitively-guided action in your life. Please reach out with any questions about how this experience can work for you. It requires trust and an openness to go deep within, and is likely to be one of the most transformational sessions you can experience.