Deeper Support

“I feel as though words can’t really express the level of gratitude I feel towards not only Rachel, but to the Universe for facilitating our connection ... Diving into the dark, healing and embracing my higher self has changed my life forever and moved me towards a path I could only have dreamed, existed. The incredible light she shares, truly changes our lives and world for the better. Rachel makes a difference simply by embracing who she is and the light she embodies. I am so excited to continue to dive deep and expand (even when it’s difficult), so that I too, can be a source of light and love in this beautiful world. “And so it will be”.”
Holly Dubois

From struggle and pain to hope, peace and a vibrant life

Individual healing and support with Rachel

To make deep shifts in your life, a few months (or more) of work together is designed to help you connect with parts of the subconscious mind for lasting change within. 

We may work together for just 3 months, or maybe as long as 15 months or more.

Who It’s For

This deeper work is designed for people experiencing: