Life-Between-Life Regressions

Visiting the Spirit Realm

“If you’re looking to gain clarity and alignment so you can show up for the work you came here to do feeling empowered and confident then this session is for you! The deep, deep healing that I received and the information that was shared with me during this experience has changed my life forever. I’m beyond grateful for this work. Rachel is incredible at holding the space for such a sacred journey and is right there with you the entire time guiding you, sitting with you and asking questions that leave you with all the answers to the Universe. (Not really… but kinda! 😉 I highly recommend this mind blowing experience.”
“[In the life-between-life regression] I really appreciated your prompts when I was not really “seeing/feeling” much at first. You created a safe space to just say whatever “wisps” of information came to mind and also you did not keep asking the same question when I was not sure of how to respond or of what I was seeing/sensing. You moved forward in your guiding and “moved the scene along” which I appreciated. I did not feel “stuck” at any point during this regression. I appreciated how you addressed almost all the questions I had asked at the start of the session. I really liked how you summarized and re-told the story of what happened previously. ”

Have you wondered what it is like in the spirit world?

Who is in your soul group (including soul mates)? Who are you as an immortal soul?

Visiting the Other Side is an unforgettable experience.

You are going to your true home.

Here you can access the loving Source of light (God), as well as loved ones, spirit guides, the Council of Elders in your Akashic Records, while in a state of hypnosis.

This session includes an inner child and past life regression and offers soul guidance as well as answers to questions you have about your life, its purpose and lessons you are meant to be learning.

Through hypnosis, we can tap into our true, highest self in the spirit world in a life-between life regression.

This is a powerful, emotionally-healing and potentially-life changing experience. A life-between-life regression is a comprehensive session that includes inner child, past life and deep spiritual healing. Many people feel that they have a new understanding of their soul purpose, life lessons and of how to proceed in daily living, bringing a sense of lasting peace and contentment.

Life-between life regressions help us connect with spiritual guidance from Divine sources of love in all forms. We are able to view and understand ourselves as eternal souls and learn more about what we are doing when we are in the spirit world.

During the regression, with questions I ask you, you respond verbally aloud. As we invoke the assistance of your Higher Self, spirit guides or other loving beings, this often involves emotional release and deep healing.

The wholeness and healing that can come from this Divine re-connection, and from a remembrance of your oneness with Source, can be profound.

In a life-between life regression, you can: