Transmuting Darkness Into Light

The energies have been so intense recently! I have been feeling more tired than normal, which I think is a result of the energies around us on Earth.

The other day, I took stock of just how many things I have been working on at once. Between varying events/homeschooling gatherings for my children, and my own work projects, it is a lot. (One of those projects is that now I have a whole new website! The gifted Casper Blackwell designed it for me, and I love it!)

Thankfully, I have also been taking time out to relax and enjoy life. After going to a concert on a night away with my husband, here in Maine and in many parts of the world, we saw quite a show in the sky with the Northern Lights!

In the lights in the sky, I saw what looked like angels in the lights and felt the presence of galactic beings. It was stunning. I have never seen colors like this in the sky (more visible in the photos than with the naked eye, but still mesmerizing).

And yet, some people were wondering if this was connected to a weather manipulation program that has been active for a while.

Here’s the thing: there is darkness everywhere and governments messing with us in pretty horrible ways. They have been doing this for a while, and many ”conspiracy theories” (although not all) involving the government are probably true at some level.

I’m not sure if weather manipulation had anything to do with the beautiful light we saw. It felt pure and angelic to me.

And even if it did, the light still comes through. The light of Source and angels and multidimensional beings can and do transmute darkness into light. Covid was one of the most powerful times of human awakening ever. We have to see the dark to acknowledge the light.

And doing the opposite is crucial for us to move into higher states of Christ consciousness. So let’s focus on the light.

Let’s acknowledge the dark but try not to focus on it.

Don’t give “the ones who think they control us” power they don’t actually have.

Try as hard as they may, nothing is more powerful than love!

Love can dissolve away all that is not love.

Forgiveness, compassion, understanding are the answers, in my view.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize toward the beautiful way of being we are creating with every thought, action and word!

Yes, we are helping to create the future like this with our abilities to shape the morphogenetic fields of the quantum realm in the timelines of Earth!

Wishing you blessings on the path ahead as we sit with the energies supporting us forward,


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