Circle of Light Meditations

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday Evening, 8 – 8:20ish pm EST

When we come together to invite in light, and share that light with those around us, we can shift the energy of low vibration. It literally is a “thing” and can make a huge difference, especially as souls generating electricity through our hearts.

There is a lot of heaviness and fear many are feeling… and we can shift this through our vibration, intention and bringing in forces of love.

In these this live offering, I will offer a musing followed by a guided meditation with a different focus each week, ranging from clearing/grounding/protecting our energy to sending out healing light to the world and to all beings. I often invoke the energy of archangels and/or Ascended Masters to help us. Join me on the Facebook group of Souls Gathering Together to participate in this meditation. Or, you can join the live meditation on Zoom (for the log-in details, please sign up for my email newsletter below and a link will be sent to you).

Free Meditations

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Connecting with Source Meditation
Energy Clearing Meditation
Spirit Guide Meditation