The Light Within the Darkness of the Eclipse

I am basking in the wonder from the total solar eclipse here in Maine. I keep replaying the moments of darkness in my mind, and the pure emotion I felt of such gratitude and awe of the magic the sun and moon displayed for us. I am still processing it all, but I will share a picture here for those of you who may have not witnessed this spectacle. The energies are still here for us to integrate… whether we saw it with our eyes our not.

I feel that the energies of the solar eclipse and all around us in general are helping us to open our third eye – to begin tapping into unseen, Divine forces, like the celestial elements, here to guide us. (Did you know all that seven planets were visible in the sky, in alignment with the Sun, on April 8?)

Some of the ancient peoples living on Earth years ago similarly were frightened of and confused by this darkness, and would avoid going outside during solar eclipses.

And yet now, we have learned so much more about what is happening. We now know the darkness is temporary.

Maybe this can apply to our own lives. What if by acknowledging the shadows we can actually bring in more light?

So many of us have been in the darkness in our lives for many years. Many of us were taught to fear God due to religious programming.

And this fear led us to block out the Divine light of our own Higher Selves trying to guide us along.

This has led to a feeling of being lost and “off the path” for so many in our modern society, unsure of what our purpose is or what will bring fulfillment or meaning in our lives.

I hear this from so many clients seeking support to reconnect with their souls. And time and time again, I recommend a few things to them that I will also suggest to you here.

Begin by quieting your minds and clearing away the protective shadows of Ego (after acknowledging and processing) to allow your third eye to open even more. Then, by intentionally connecting with loving forms of Spirit, you can activate you intuitive knowing to help guide you forward in your life.

And yet, if this were all so simple, why aren’t we all waking up each day with a knowing of what our deepest soul purpose is, and how to take the steps to actualize it?

It’s also because there’s often fear. And this fear comes from pre-conceptions, stories or myths that we have heard about what it means to develop psychic ability, or intuition.

When we take the time to really examine these false stories, we can begin to move past them and into taking brave steps forward to listen to our Higher Selves, and to our angels, spirit guides and even multi-dimensional beings (like Pleaidians or Arcturians) who are here to help us in our lives. These loving friends are all connected to the Creator/Source/God.

It’s a beautiful process that takes time, but I have seen it happen and produce a wonderful new way of living in alignment with flow, peace and trust for lots of people I’ve worked with!

And in the meantime, I hope that today, wherever you are, you give yourself some time after the eclipse to pause, integrate and allow the darkness to guide you toward the light.

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