The Message of I Am

Dear soul on the other side of the screen,

After every retreat, I always spend time just soaking up the energy of the weekend, and really reveling in it.

This past weekend was no different. After having led over a dozen retreats, I feel I have settled into a flow of where I really enjoy them myself too, and can relax in the light of being with others I support.

This retreat was different in a way though, as it was the first I have done at Limina Renewal Center in mid-coast Maine. I took a risk in booking a weekend there even though I had never seen it myself. I trusted.

And I was blown away. The attention to detail, the organization, the little touches like candles, bathrobes and chocolates, helped us all feel so special and pampered. The view is spectacular, and of course the delicious treats of an infrared sauna, amethyst bio-mat, labyrinth, art/music room, reading nooks, chakra tea, and so much more made it that much more special.

In addition to the meditations to meet our angels, spirit guides and an Ascended Master, apparently my higher self visited retreat participants in their dreams at night too! (Yes, a few people told me this, that’s probably why I didn’t sleep much that first night – ha!).

We also cold plunged in the ocean, and shared our personal musings and experiences in meditation with each other. And we felt the deep oneness of the Creator and light of multi-dimensional realities in the didgeridoo/gong bath sound healing we were blessed with.

The sound healing in particular stood out for me. While I loved the gongs undulating around me like waves, and the didgeridoo guiding me through portals into Pleaidian light (the Pleaidians are high-vibration multi-dimensional beings), it was the silence at the end that impacted me the most.

After an hour of the sound bath, the quiet spoke to me in a way that I had truly not experienced before.

It was as if in the silence I could hear the voice of Source/Creator/God.

What came to me was simply the words: “I Am.”

Upon hearing those words, I tried to interpret them in the moment, but to no avail.

There was no understanding or interpretation that was needed.

I was simply being guided to just be with the stillness, and with those two words.

It was a profound experience that led me to a new place of spiritual connection.

When we access the energy of the Source, it’s often indescribable. Even now, I struggle to put the experience into human words.

It felt as if I were just basking in the feeling of deep connection with all that is, and in the knowing that I was one with all that is. It was quite simple. 

Afterward, I remembered a poem that came to me a few years ago. The poem was about a particle of light that wanted to know itself, and how that particle expanded and then expanded again, into varying expressions of light. It was about the formation of human souls and of the universe (aka, the Big Bang).

The “I Am” experience is one that I feel many of us will have more and more as we remember that we are one with the Source, that we have pieces of God within us; that we are that God-energy.

When I get to be in retreat spaces like this with people who trust in me and who share of themselves with such vulnerability and connect so powerfully with each other,  and when I benefit myself from the energy of connection and healing, I feel so lucky to be able to do this work as my job.

I hope you can feel the energy of peace, connection and union with the Creator as well. I pray that it be so.

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