What Does It Feel Like to Be in the Presence of God?

It’s finally begun to snow here in Maine, and it’s just gorgeous. When the snow falls on the land and blankets it in white, a magical feeling of peace fills the air. I was able to cross-country ski and just bask in the wonder and the beauty of it all.

I have been experiencing a new perspective around the concept of wonder and “unknowing” recently. For so long, I have approached my intuition as connecting with beings of light (angels, spirit guides, Ascended Masters). Over the years though, I have intuitively felt the messages to connect more directly with God/Creator/Source, which was a specific message I picked up on recently from Edgar Cayce (and a few years ago from the Ascended Master known as Paramahansa Yogananda).

More and more, and most importantly from my experience in a life-between-life regression, I have felt the presence of this Divine Source, a pulsating ball of light that I perceive as continuously flowing out and in at the same time. And in life-between-life regressions I’ve done with clients, a few have described how they connect with this Source as well. They identify it often as “light,” describing a feeling of being loved, seen and known in a way that they have never felt before.

If only we could remember how it feels to be part of the Source, to know the oneness that is innate to who we are, we could be more at peace.

I believe that the root cause of most human suffering is the pain of being separated from this Source.

Yet, part of being human is to forget all of that so we can start from scratch in each life and learn. And as pieces of this light from Source, we are here to more fully know ourselves, as the Source seeks to know itself.

Yet to really know this oneness, we need to experience the opposite, which is separation. To understand light, we need to dive into the dark.

That is what many of us have been experiencing recently (myself including) – a feeling of darkness as we are given the opportunity to yet again examine any lingering deeply-held, old, outdated beliefs.

In the moments of quiet, when we still our minds, we find reconnection with the Source and we can clear away the shadows of old beliefs and stories of Ego. We learn to have the Ego serve our Higher Self, rather than the other way around.

Yet, when it comes to living our lives, when we want to know what’s going to happen, when we try to plan and map it all out, we can get thrown off when things don’t go as we intended. This is the Ego leading us down a path that may not be in alignment with our Higher Self. When we can surrender and let go of how we think things are supposed to go, and trust (there’s that word – the seemingly-ever-elusive trust), we find peace. This can be exceedingly hard to do, with fears and worries that come with being human.

But little by little, we are learning. In our everyday moments, we see evidence of this all-knowing love. It is in the unknowing, in the wonder, in the curiosity, in the mystery that the magic of creation lives and that the path forward toward inner peace and healing lies.

One of the best ways to dive into this learning is to acquire more tools to support us in this process. The Intuitive Guide Certificate program (beginning January 25, 2024) is here to support you in doing just that! It is designed to help train the Ego mind to be in service to the Higher Self (rather than the other way around) so you can surrender to and be guided by Divine Light toward fulfilling your soul mission in being of service to others. You’ll learn tools to do this, and to then help others in similarly removing blocks to learn about and actually doing whatever it is that is their true life purpose(s). And you’ll learn how to create a livelihood out of all this! When we do this, as past Intuitive Guide program participants have shared, this just feels really good, bringing a sense of fulfillment, flow and contentment.

In the meantime, enjoy the magic of the season and the beauty of nature. 

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